It was 11:00 am on a weekday. I was sitting on my bed listening to worship music just taking in this worship son by Don Moen.

His voice echoed through the entire house and I was thinking of the passion that drives us Christians to want to stand in awe of God and worship Him with all our being.

Suddenly a feeling of fear gripped me, my body seems to get colder than the previous temperature and a strange and piercing pain grabbed my lower abdomen, I immediately started praying while still being aware of the worship song playing in the atmosphere.

As I cried out to God to stop this pain, I realize that the pain was intensifying. After a while I could no longer deal with such an intense pain, the pain became more than my ability to connect to God.  I started screaming.

As I lost focus, I could no longer register in my mind the music that was playing and I started focusing on my body and the pain that I was experiencing. I stopped praying continued to scream.

As I took my eyes off the cross and focus on my flesh and the physical pain, I gave up and allowed my flesh to take control. I allowed my flesh and the pain to bring me to a breaking point.

I wished I could tell you that miraculously I regained strength, took control and overcame but I did not.

Once I stopped praying and focused entirely on the pain, it felt like some invisible being was piercing my body with something that I could not see. I became angry.  Have you ever felt like so much pain that you started throwing everything that came under your hand?

I was getting there and I know not to be someone that could get out of control. I could not hold myself up and tried to stand coupled, holding my lower abdomen and tears coming out of my eyes.  I had forgotten about praying as I had forgotten about the worship music that I was listening too.

The white walls in my room felt like a prison.  After intense pain and discomfort as suddenly as the pain has come, it rescinded. As I regained control of myself and my body, I thought that an eternity had passed but it had only lasted minutes.

That experience left me angry, disappointed and disillusioned.

After a while sitting back on my bed, feeling weak to the core, uneasy, I began to reminisce about the incident asking myself in disbelief: what had happened? What was that?

As I meditate on the whole situation, I wonder was it a test from God? Was it an attack from the devil? Or is my body trying to convey to me that something is wrong and it needs attention?