Healing And Deliverance

Whatever You Bind On Earth Will Be Bound In Heaven


Experience Divine Healing

Pastor Laudz is anointed by the Almighty to bring healing to the sick and mending to the brokenhearted. From every corner of the globe, souls reach out to her, seeking the divine touch of restoration and healing. Each one has encountered a supernatural miracle. Jesus is the healer. Pastor Laudz who is His vessel. If you’re ready to rise, conquer, and reclaim your strength, don’t hesitate—reach out to us today.


Your Health is Your Wealth

Without vibrant energy and great health, you will find yourself unfocused and lacking the power to achieve much in this life. God desires for you to be healthy and prosperous above all. If you feel stuck and unmotivated to pursue your dreams, Pastor Laudz is here to pray for you. More importantly, she wants to send you a bottle of anointing oil. Use it to anoint your home, car, office, children, and more. Contact us today.

speak to your storm book

Published By TBN

In Conquer Your Storm, Pastor Laudz Nicolas presents an inspiring and empowering guide for those facing life’s storms and challenges. With prophetic authority, she imparts profound insights and wisdom to help you rebound from adversities and tough times. Prepare for a life-changing journey.

  • Identify your adversaries and confront challenges directly
  • Tap into the boundless power of your faith
  • Overcome the obstacles that hinder your progress
  • Rely on the steadfast support of the Holy Spirit
  • Transform bitterness into betterment
  • Cultivate a spirit of gratitude and reap its rewards
  • Recognize that every story has the potential for glory
  • Remove distractions that impede your progress

Get ready to conquer your storm and emerge victorious!